Livestock Guard Dogs

Upon entering the goat business, we tried alternative measures to avoid putting guard dogs in the pastures at TCF - elaborate fencing, donkeys, and domestic dogs on the exterior perimeter just to name a few.  We soon fell victim to attacks from bears and coyotes despite our efforts.  Being dealers of high performance livestock, this was an expensive mistake on our part.  We quickly realized that having effective guard dogs running with our herds would be the only way to get any sleep without worry.

TCF utilizes and breeds Pyrenees and Pyrenees/Anatolian cross defense dogs.  We currently have 15+ mature canines as guard dogs and breeding stock.  Though many of our stock dogs are registered, TCF does not register its pups.  We have seen many pups with great pedigrees that turned out to be lousy guard dogs.  As Nancy Gilleland of Gainesville, GA says, "a coyote will never stop at the fence to ask your dogs if they have their papers!"  We have chosen to focus on performance, not pedigree.

Guard dogs being "raised with goats" does not mean they will be effective, or even guarantee that they themselves won't be predators of newborn kids.  Developing a "kid friendly" guard dog requires some minor training on the part of the breeder and the eventual owner.   We begin this with TCF pups at weaning and explain our methods when you pick them up.  A guard dog will instinctively desire to do a good job for you.  Our methods make it clear to the dog what is expected so it is able to do just that. 

Pricing for TCF Livestock Defense Dogs begins at $150, subject to gender and quantity.





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